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Genius Energy are one of the largest installers of Renewable Technologies in the UK.
We, very simply, help clients improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
The government want all UK homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and to be more responsible for generating their own energy by using solar power or other renewable technologies. So much so, they’ve introduced several different schemes to help people, just like you, pay for these improvements. Genius Energy will take you through an internal qualification process that will introduce you to these schemes, show you how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home and in turn reduce your homes energy consumption. This ultimately has the potential to lower your energy bills and put you in control.

Our qualification process is based around a Property Assessment and Financial Assessment, typically we have some clients that qualify and some that don‘t based on our criteria, but it’s important to add, this isn’t a government criteria and that you’re free to search the market place for other companies that offer the same service as ourselves.

We’re not sure if we will be able to help you and we won’t know until we talk to you… So give us a call or complete the form across you have nothing to loose but perhaps a lot to gain and save!